Dr. Fotios Spyropoulos Senior Partner / Lawyer / Financial advisor

Practice areas
Criminal Law, Banking Law, Personal Data’s Protection, Human Rights’ Protection,
Cyberspace Law, Property Law, Labour Law, Tax Law, Domestic Violence Law,
Juvenile Law, Business Development, Privatizations, Energy Law,
Mediation and Arbitration, International Criminal law

Languages: Greek, English, French

photis thumb Dr. Fotios Spyropoulos was born in Patras in 1983.

He is the Professor of Criminal Law at the Greek Fire Academy (2017 onwards). He had been the Professor of Criminology at the same institute (2016-2017). He also teaches IT Law, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Survey Methodology, Corporate Law and Maritime Law at the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, on bachelor and master study programs (2015 onwards). He had also been a University fellow of the Faculty of Business Administration at Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece, where he taught Corporate Law and International Organizations Law (2017-2018).

Fotios studied Law at the University of Athens and did postgraduate studies on Penal Law and Procedure (Master) (2006-2008) and Criminology (Master with honors) (2008-2010) at the same University. He had been a fellow of ERASMUS program (2005) and he has attended courses of Law, political sciences, sociology and criminology at University of Liege (Belgium). He was also awarded a bachelor's degree on International and European Studies from the University of Piraeus (he attended the faculty from 2007 to 2011).

From January 2015 he holds a PhD on Penal Law and Criminology from the Faculty of Law in the University of Athens (excellent by all accounts). The title of his thesis is "Hacking: penal and criminological aspects – internet security policies and prevention", under the supervision of Professor N. Courakis. On September 2010 he has been awarded the studentship of the “Research Funding Program: Heracleitus II”, co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund – ESF) and Greek national funds through the Operational Program "Education and Lifelong Learning" of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF).

From August 2013 till August 2016 he represented Greece at the European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) as a al. member, appointed by European Commission's decision.

From May to November 2015 he collaborated with the Athens Economic University of Economics and Business as a legal advisor at european research funds. From January to September 2014 he collaborated with Transparency International (Greece) as an expert on European Institutions' Policy fighting corruption, evaluating Greek Presidency of 2014 for transparency issues.

From 2007 to 2009 and from 2012 to 2013 he had been s. Professor of Criminology at Greek Police Academy.

He had, also, been the Legal Consultant of the Greek Consumers’ Institute (IN.KA.) from August 2010 till January 2015 (honore).

From February till July 2011 he had been Legal Consultant of the Al. Minister of Education & Long-Life Learning & Religions.

He had worked for the University of Athens as a special assistant of the Penal Division of Faculty of Law (2007-2009). He is, also, the co-founder and he had been editor in chief for over a decade (2005-2016) of the electronic scientific magazine of Centre for Penal & Criminological Research of the University of Athens   www.theartofcrime.gr.

At the moment, he is a special scientific assistant of the Technological Institute of Western Greece – Department of Messolonghi (Laboratory of Social Researches).

Furthermore, he has published his study "Bullying (at school): Theoretical approach and preventive policies" (in Greek, ed. Ant. Sakkoulas, 2011) and he has been the chief editor of the vol. "Judging crimes against humanity" (in Greek, ed. Ant. Sakkoulas, 2009). He has published lots of scientific and opinion articles on scientific magazines and newspapers.

Finally, he had been s. President of European Law Students’ Association – department of Athens. At the moment, he is a member of the European Society of Criminology and of the Greek Association of Penologists.